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Your Health… Your Wealth!


Your health, life is lived as a rat race; people live a lifestyle that is subject to pressure with increasing workloads, chaotic schedules, and indisputable expensive cost of living.

Most times, due to the stressful jobs, long work hours, the unpaid overtime, regular hectic time spent commuting; individuals tend to spend little or no time with family, loved ones and friends. This in turn has an adverse effect physically and emotionally health.

The ability to have a balanced and harmonious work-life is key. Here are great tips to achieving this which include;

Eating well: having a balanced diet, or an eat-well guide helps you eat in the right proportion and stay healthy all day. Home-made juices and smoothies are nutritious to the body.

Exercise: this comes in different forms, it can involve workout sessions, which can be done indoor or outdoor, regular walks which can be substitutes from taking cabs, public transports, and sometimes even elevators within the work premises e.t.c. all keep the body fit and a better health.

Drink Enough Water: Water is essential to life, it helps aid digestion, replenishes fluids lost from the body and it helps keep one going, so individuals are encouraged to drink lots of water to regain energy.

Rest: The body needs rest after a whole day’s work and activities. Sleep loss has some effects which includes increased risk of high blood pressure, the tendency of weight gain and most importantly it can reduce the next day’s regular routine and mood.

Happiness: Staying positive and having a right frame of mind aids Happiness. This reduces depression and anxiety which can lead to weight gain, high blood pressure and even stroke.

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Rev Francis Waive

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