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Xperia TH Z3+ With Up to Two Days Battery Life


Sony Xperia™

Thanks to great tech and up to two days’ battery life*, the new Xperia™ smartphones are designed to let you do more, for longer time to stay in touch without worrying about power levels.

More power in your hands

Super slim, waterproof** and featuring the best front and back cameras to date, the smart phone device, with up to two days’ battery* life, gives you the power to experience life at its best.

I can stay awake for days

Meet Brianda and discover what a difference the two-day battery life* makes to real people in everyday life.

Xperia Extend your battery life

This is discovering a long-lasting smartphone battery that can get up to 2 days battery life** with regular use, and for those who need to go for even longer we’ve, learning how to get the most out of your battery with Extended Usage and Ultra STAMINA modes and keep your Xperia™ smartphone going for longer, even when your charger is nowhere in sight.

BRAVIA meets Android TV™

Enjoy all the things you love on your smartphone on the big screen, with the all-new Android TV™†. From apps and movies, to photo sharing and games, welcome to a new TV lifestyle.

Picture perfect settings. In any setting.

The Xperia Z3+’s camera excels where other smartphone cameras disappoint. Indoors, at night, or when the sun’s behind your subject. With the best Sony camera technologies, your shots end up clear and sharp no matter where you are.


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