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When the Going Gets Tough…Trust God

When the Going Gets Tough…Trust God

Trust God

It is easy to lift our complaints to God when things seem to fall apart. Why do I have to suffer? Why won’t He answer my prayers and punish the ungodly? I am sick and tired of this situation. How long will this last? Could you please hurry up and fix it for me?

King David always turned to the Lord in times of adversity, trusting that God would hear him and answer his prayers because of His unending mercy. In Psalm 4, David demonstrates complete faith that he would answer his prayers, giving him peace and joy.

Questions to Ask

  • Are you struggling with an unresolved situation or deep hurt? Have you taken this lament to God in prayer?
  • Is your distress destroying your spirit? Has he answered your prayers in the past? Take heart, remembering as David did in verse 3 that the Lord will hear when you call on Him.
  • Are you praying for God to fix everything to your liking? Maybe you need to start praying for His presence. “Let the light of your face shine upon us, O Lord.” (vs. 6 NIV)
  • Do you know someone who has given up on him because they felt He gave up on them? Can you use Psalm 4 to encourage that person?

Act On It

  • Remembering is an important part of our faith journey. As you pray about a stressful or painful situation, remember how God has been with you in the past.
  • Sometimes we seek his power, when what we really need is His presence. When things don’t work out the way you imagined, remember that He is still with you, giving you His peace and joy.
  • Often we seek revenge rather than  be careful that you don’t let a situation so anger you that you are led into sin. Come quietly before Him with confession and repentance.

“Sleep on it” – trust God to give you peaceful rest and a new vision in the morning light.


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