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Urhobo Progress Union Urges Support For Ofitikun


A group of Urhobo personalities in United Kingdom (UK), under the aegels of Ekuomakugbe Urhobo vwo’ Ekpobaro has thrown its weight behind Urhobo Progress Union
(UPU) interim committee.

Rising from a critical meeting in Abuja after the inaugural ceremony of Senator Ovie-Agege, the group’s Chairman, Board of Trustees, Mr. Lawson Efe Charles, vowed to assist any attempt at impeding the smooth transition of the Urhobo Progress Union interim committee from operating. According to Lawson, Omene and his executives do not have the courage and the zeal to bring the much needed unity to Urhobo nation.

He said the position of the group was informed by the disunity and alleged misappropriation of funds recorded against the former Urhobo Progress Union executives by the Presidents-General forum and Monarchs, submitting that the Kings and the Presidents-General of Urhobo Kingdoms were quite right in taking those steps to address the matter and plot a new direction for the union.

“Our apex organization been in such a state was a becoming a source of embarrassment and indeed a barrier to the advancement of Urhobo interest, which led to the vast of the key stakeholders, moving to the palace of the Ohworode of Olomu Kingdom, where the National Congress was held,” the group noted.

It is gathered that Ekuomakugbe was established in 2015 by a group of Urhobos in reaction to similar disunity within the Urhobo Progress Union in the United Kingdom, which has been fractionalized into two groups and has created real tension into the affairs of the Urhobo people in the UK.


Rev Francis Waive

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