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U.S. Capitol is on Lock-down

U.S. Capitol

The U.S. Capitol in Washington is on lock-down following reports of Gunshots at the Capitol Visitor Center this afternoon.

The White House was also briefly locked down after what appears to be an unrelated incident.

Congressional staffers were sent a notice to shelter in place, instructing them to lock doors and move to assigned shelter areas. Those outdoors were told to “seek cover away from the area.”

“There has been an isolated incident at the U.S. Capitol.

The Capitol’s Sergeant-At-Arms said the gunman has been caught and one police officer was wounded.

The Capitol building is on lockdown due to the security threat, according to an email sent to congressional staffers.

Washington’s city police called it an “isolated” incident, saying there is “no active threat” to the public.

US Congress is on recess for the Easter holiday, but some members of Congress and staff members were on site.

To enter the U.S. Capitol or any Senate or House office buildings, visitors must go through a metal detector and weapons are not permitted.

Multiple members of Congress have posted to social media, reporting that their staff is safe and sheltering in place.

In 1998, two police officers were killed when an attacker got past security at the U.S. Capitol.

Security has been tightened since then.


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