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Top Facial Treatments

Top Facial Treatments

In this post we will talk about most effective top facial treatments. Namely, about massage, thermal facelift and no-needle mesotherapy.

Top facial treatments speaks about the preservation of youth, we mean quality care. Speaking about care, we mean facial massage. It is the most common, most effective, and top favorite procedure for beauty salons customers.

Standard SPA-treatments for face include light peeling, 20-25 minute classic massage of the face, neck and décolleté using nutrient ampoules, and the applying of a facial mask.

The procedure is held once a week. Massage is the best procedure to maintain youth. Even if you have a neglected, tired, dry skin, you will see a great effect after a month or the fifth procedure.

Top Facial Treatments


Thermal facelift

A method of rejuvenation or keeping the skin in a good condition is a favorite procedure of many visitors of beauty salons at almost any time of the year. The procedure stimulates and awakens the natural collagen, activating the body’s own resources. Right after the procedure, the skin looks beautiful, well groomed, and the procedure itself is comfortable and safe.

Salons propose thermal lifting of the face, neck, décolleté and the skin around the eyes. The essence of the procedure is to make the course, because it gradually stimulates the collagen.

The optimal way would be to repeat the procedure 1-2 times a week, but not more than every other day. After completing the course (for young skin – 8 treatments, for aged skin -10 treatments) you can continue making supporting procedures once a month to maintain the resulting effect. [Top facial treatments]

Top Facial Treatments

No-needle mesotherapy

If your skin needs nourishment, this procedure is the best way to cope with this task. Using a special apparatus, the specialist intrudes special mesotherapy cocktails (hyaluronic acid, lipid balanced cocktail, etc.). These cocktails effectively moisturize the skin both inside and outside.

The course of these procedures smoothes the wrinkles. The treatment is particularly effective for the skin under eyes. The big plus of this procedure is that it allows us not to go out of working rhythm, because it does not leave scars on the skin and you can safely return to work right in a day after the procedure was done. It is better to undergo no-needle therapy by courses of 6 to 10 procedures, depending on your skin condition.


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