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If I told you Happiness is only a Moment away, would you grab it?

If I told you Happiness is only a Moment away, would you grab it









If I told you that you could have it all, would you choose to?

If I told you that you create it all, would that change things?

Would it matter? Would it make a difference?

Would you re-write your play, re-edit your script, re-tell your story?

Or is the payoff you are experiencing now, too good to let go of?

What role have you chosen to play in this human drama?

Victim, Martyr, Saviour? Have you looked at why? Do you care?

If I told you; you are more than just a little afraid of what it might be like on the other side? Could you handle it? Do you really think you deserve it?

Would it hurt more to get it, and maybe lose it,
than never to have had it at all? So, why even try?

Is it comfortable where you are now, familiar, even safe?
No risks involved? Why rock the boat?

Will you wait for some earth shattering event
to force you to take a look at your life?

Is that necessary? Is that what it is going to have to take for you?


Rev Francis Waive

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