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Three Major Japan Earthquake In Less Than 3 Days

Japan Earthquake

The Japan earthquake by the number and timeline-

Thursday at 9:26 p.m.: 6.2-quake about 4.3 miles from the city of Ueki

Friday at 12:03 a.m.: 6.0-quake hits about 3.7 miles east of Uto.

Saturday at 1:25 a.m.: 7.0-quake hits about 0.6 miles from Kumamoto-shi.

“The first Japan earthquake was very big,” said Osamu Yoshizumi, the senior chief of international affairs in Kumamoto. “We thought it was the big one.”

That initial earthquake was a “foreshock” to the latest one, according to USGS.

A bigger tremor would come overnight Friday.

“When the second Japan earthquake came everything shook and I thought I might die,” said Taiki Hishida, 38, who evacuated with his wife and two young children to a crowded shelter in Mashiki.

Samuel Borer, a U.S. citizen living in Kumamoto, said the latest quake struck about 1:30 in the morning.

“It was just pitch black in the middle of the night and everything just started to go wild,” he said.

Television images and photos from showed empty shelves at supermarkets and stores, leaving many evacuees to line up for food and water at shelters.

“There wasn’t actually enough food for everyone, which was the only problem,” said Borer, speaking at a elementary school converted into a shelter. “Most of the food went to the elderly and children first.”


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