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Thinking About The Good News

Thinking About The Good News

Every time we turn on the news we hear about war, bombing, destruction, rivalry, envy, anger, frustration – and much more. God knows that our world will be filled with such things. And He asks us to pray and find peace in His presence.

God doesn’t want us to dwell on the bad news. In this passage in Philippians, He invites us to think about all the good things and news in this world – to be grateful for the beauty of creation, for the kind actions of others, for the truth of His Word. And to practice living out our faith in loving, peace-filled, positive ways.

Are you worrying about the current economic recession in Nigeria? God asks you to pray about everything! And His is faithful to answering your entire request.

Do you find yourself dwelling on all the bad news and situations of happenings you hear about?

Kindly focus your thoughts on good news and things – truth, honor, justice, beauty, pleasure, excellence – everything that is worthy of praise.

Is there someone that is a role model to you? Why? What can you do to be more like that person? Be an imitator of godly behavior.

Rejoice! Pray about everything. Give your sorrows and your joy to God, and He will give you peace


Rev Francis Waive

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