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The Savior is Born!

the savior is born

On a quiet hillside 2,000 years ago, God sent a choir of angels to share Good News with a group of lowly shepherds that the savior is born.

Can you imagine their astonishment and wonder as the heavens sang with that angelic choir?

Scripture tells us the shepherds “hurried off” to see the child whose birth the angels announced. When they found Mary and Joseph with the baby in the manger, they praised God and “spread the word concerning what had been told them about this child.” Luke 2:1-24

The angels’ pronouncement to a small group of common shepherds that the savior is born had world-changing implications. This child, born far from his home in a smelly stable, would be a savior for those who dwelt with the sheep on the hillside, to laboring fishermen, to sinners and tax collectors, to the lost, to the scorned, to the alone.

What a joy it would be to hear that heavenly host! But we have that Good News of great joy. We know the Savior! Share the Good News with someone who needs to experience the joy and peace that only Christ can give.

Hurry, hurry! There’s so much to do this busy season! This week, hurry only to the Savior. Hurry to worship Him. Hurry to praise His name. Hurry to kneel at the manger.

Music speaks to our heart and heals our spirit. There are so many wonderful songs and hymns that tell of the joy of Christmas. Sit, listen, and share some beautiful Christmas music with those you love that the savior is born.


Rev Francis Waive

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