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The Show Must Go On Even in Economic Recession

The Show Must Go On Even in Economic Recession

A reflective look at lavish Nigerian ceremonies during the economic recession, one would want to ask if the recession actually affect wedding and other social ceremony.

As the economic recession hit head, we continue to see such glamorous wedding ceremonies on Bella Naija and other social media. How will those planning their wedding in 2017 be affected? When previously engaged couples and their families spared no expense on the “Big Day”, now surely they are asking doubtfully, what price to say “I do”.

Wedding season actually begins in February, when, on Valentine’s Day a significant number of proposals are made and then there is a rush to book venue dates for those all important Christmas weddings.

Recently the film The Wedding Party officially became the biggest Nollywood movie of all time, an obvious indication of the significance of weddings in the Nigeria Society.

As our obsession with lavish wedding grows during the economic recession and we pledge more and more money to being sent off in style is there are darker side to the wedding phenomenon.

Can our love foe extravagant ceremony truly be justified in this economy recession and what does it say about our society when we are willing to risk everything just to put on the best show.


Rev Francis Waive

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