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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Refurbished Gaining More Access

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was a highly anticipated Galaxy Note 5 Smartphone successor, but fast became the focus of a massive recall after it experienced issues with exploding batteries.

Samsung officially declared an end to the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in early October 2016; although new rumors suggest the phone could be making reappearance.

If you still have a Galaxy Note 7, please return it immediately to the place where you purchased it. You are entitled to a full refund or an exchange for a replacement device of equal value, as per the Consumer Product Safety Commission’s recall.

Samsung may introduce a refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 may not be totally dead just yet. Recent reports indicate Samsung may introduce a refurbished Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea; it could carry the model number SM-N935.

Nigeria News first heard of the news from SamMobile, but the latest rumors actually come in the form of an image leak, which claim to show the refurbished Galaxy Note 7.

Now, we view most rumors with skepticism; but this one even more so. Millions of people had their hands on the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 last year, and the design of the phone is obviously exactly the same as the original.

Still, the images do show that the device has a different battery than the original; sitting at 3,200mAh rather than the original’s 3,500mAh battery. The rumors come from a SamMobile report.

The news is interesting, and the move will certainly put Samsung under a lot of scrutiny. At Samsung’s Mobile World Congress event, the keynote was interrupted by Greenpeace protesters who said Samsung should recycle components used in the Samsung Galaxy Note 7; a wish that could now be met.

However, Samsung recalls the Galaxy Note 7 and stops production which may have enjoyed some initial success thanks to rave reviews, but it’s as good as dead. One recall is bad enough, but after several reports of replacement units catching fire, Samsung had no choice but to temporarily halt production of the Note 7.

Before the company halted production, all major U.S. carriers stopped selling the device. Samsung has officially ended sales of the Note 7.


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