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Rooted in God’s Word

Rooted in God’s Word

God's Word Inspirations

The words of the Psalms speak to our spirit, encouraging us in our walk of faith, and also offering warning for going astray. The powerful imagery of a tree planted by rivers of water highlights our need to stay deeply rooted in Word’s God so that we may grow strong in our faith.

We encounter many distractions in this world that can pull our attention away from God. Psalm 1 encourages us to stay faithful to God by meditating on God’s Word, and bearing fruit for the kingdom.  By doing so, we experience the breadth and depth of God’s love.

The United State declaration of independence proclaims that God has endowed all men with the “unalienable rights of life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness”. Sadly, the pursuit of happiness is the futile quest of far too many of us. We squander our precious time and resources, make poor choices, and often ruin our lives- and others’ lives-searching for the treasure of happiness in all the wrong place.

Where can happiness be found? The simple yet powerful truth of God’s Word is that true happiness is a gift of God, one of His very special blessings. This wonderful gift is ours if we are rightly related to him and if we walk in obedience to his commands.

The Psalm presents two ways – the way of blessing and the way of judgment – which was the choice Isreal had to make (De. 30:15, 19). Jesus used a similar image (Mt. 7:13-14). Bible history seems to be built around the concept of “two men” the first Adam and the last Adam (Rom. 5; 1 Co. 15:45). Cain and Abel, Ismael and Isaac, Esau and Jacob, David and Saul; and bible history culminates in Christ and Antichrist, two men, two ways, two destinies.

This contrast is fully explained in the book of proverbs. Proverbs thoroughly discusses the two ways, the two men, and the eternal importance of living by the instruction of God’s Word.

The Holy Scripture is central to all worship. God has revealed Himself, His glorious plan of salvation, and His will for every one of us in His inspired Word. Only if we delight in His Holy Word (law) can we truly enter His presence.

Only if we have chosen the path of righteousness can we have an audience with Him. Only if we meditate on His Word can we fully understand the ways of God and worship Him in truth. Anyone can be inspired and comforted by reading the psalms, but we can only experience an intimate relationship with Him if we love Him and obey His life-giving instruction (Jn.14:21; 15:10, 14). Such a relationship gives us the liberty to pour out our hearts to God.


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