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Responding To The Resurrection – John 20:1-10


All of history revolves around Jesus resurrection. Today’s study indicates that the early Christian Jews changed their weekly pattern and worshipped God on Sunday, the day Jesus rose from the dead – rather than legalistically following the rules of the Sabbath.

This is significant of the resurrection. Since the dawn of Creation, man, like his Creator, rested after a week of work. Now the Lord of the Sabbath rest has come. Instead of slavishly following religious rules, we are free to follow Him. He is risen indeed!

Consider how Mary, Peter, and John came to believe, each in different ways, that Jesus Christ was risen. Think about how you came to believe in Him. How did you respond to the Gospel?

Are you, like Mary Magdalene, responding with love first, before completely understanding the situation?

Are you, like Peter, rushing as fast as you can to the scene to see what happened?

Have you, like John, taken in the evidence? And, even though you may not understand how or why He arose, do you believe based on the reliable testimony of one who was there?

Think of one person that you would like to have a conversation with about the resurrection. Pray each day this week that God would provide that opportunity.

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is of first importance. Begin now to put Jesus first in your life. Plan your schedule this week to reflect Kingdom priorities.

Ask the Lord to help you live today in a way that shows you believe Jesus Christ has been raised from the dead. Live each day based on the solid rock that is Christ Jesus.


Rev Francis Waive

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