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Reflecting on the Cross of Jesus Christ


Jesus and His cross should be the central focus of our lives and ministries – not science, not education, not riches or even miracles.

We want this Gospel as our focus – but how do we get there? How do we live the kind of life described by Jesus as a life of denying myself, taking up my cross and following Him?

Together, let’s learn how to follow Jesus, past earthly power and human wisdom, and on to God’s spiritual power and Divine wisdom.

What does all this mean? It seems so abstract. How can you apply the message about the cross of Christ to your daily walk with Him?

Will this pursuit of the cross steal your joy? Or can you focus on the cross in such a way as to deepen your satisfaction in Christ? How do you do that?

What are some ways that we try to solve the world’s problems instead of relying on Jesus’ victory?

Learn to cling to the cross. Take in the truth of the Gospel until it shows in your life.

Repent of ever emptying the cross of its saving power by relying on “words of human wisdom.”

As you face life’s problems, rely on the Person and message of Christ, instead of relying on the principles of this world. Ask Him to help you love other sinners who, like you and I, need divine love.

Trust God’s Word and His Spirit to empower you to obey and to be an effective witness for the cross.

Ask God where to begin applying these truths in your life. He wants to help you follow Jesus


Rev Francis Waive

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