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Rev Francis Waive

Rev Francis Waive shared with Nigeria News the visit of  Apostle Solomon Ansah’s visit to the Church of the Anointing.

It was Apostle Solomon Ansah’s third ministry visit to the Church of the Anointing. The first two times Rev Francis Waive invited the servant of God, was at the Enerhen church and this time at the Udu church.  From Wednesday 24th to Sunday 28th June; it was a mighty move of God and attendance kept increasing. Tagged ‘Raised Above Reproach’, the program lived above it’s billing as the man of God ministered in the apostolic and the prophetic, praying for hundreds with signs following.

When Rev Francis Waive introduced Apostle Solomon Ansah that opening night, the Apostle declared that he came with a mandate from God to break the siege of stagnation in people lives. He said that the battle was that of the mindset; teaching how to enter into your victory. Brethren had the opportunity to meet the Apostle on one-one counselling and prayer sessions on Thursday and Friday morning while Saturday morning was set aside for teaching and prayer for business men and women.

Talking about ‘levels of prosperity’, Rev Francis Waive said that God’s servant admonished all to embrace the principles of Jesus for prosperity in the same way that we have embraced the person of Jesus for our salvation. On Saturday night, he urged all to “run – you will get to your destination”.

He taught that the intended purpose of God for man is that man should manifest God’s glory on earth and manage the things that God has created. Adding that there is an intentional purpose that man must have to fulfil God’s purpose and make something out of life.

The grand finale was Sunday morning which was a festival of sorts. Rev Francis Waive noted that the attendance was the best in the history of the Church of the Anointing. That morning, God’s servant took over two hours ministering on people like he did each night of the program. And what a move of the Holy Spirit it was! Many were healed, delivered, saved and blessed. Some brethren came out to testify of how the Lord blessed them through Apostle Solomon during his previous visits and this very visit.

The Apostle’s message titled ‘The Egg of the Eagle’ was quite revealing that morning. There was also fund raising for the hotel, air ticket and love offering of the guest minister with the bulk dedicated to funding land purchase for the Udu church.

Apostle Solomon has come and gone but the blessings from his visit will last all eternity!


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