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Peace Perfect Peace

Nigeria News – A friend of mine once shared with me that for years he has searched for peace and contentment. Both he and his wife have built up a successful business, so he was able to buy a big house, fancy clothes, and expensive jewelry.

But these possessions didn’t satisfy his inner longings for peace, nor did his friendships with influential people. Then one day, when he was feeling low and desperate, a friend told him about the good news of Jesus.

There he found the Prince-of-Peace, and his understanding of true peace and contentment was forever changed.

Jesus spoke words of such to His friends after their last supper together (John 14), when He prepared them for the events that would soon follow: His death, resurrection, and the coming of the Holy Spirit.

Describing a peace-unlike anything the world can give- He wanted them to learn how to find a sense of well-being ever in the midst of hardship.

Later, when the resurrected Jesus appeared to the frightened disciples after His death, He could give them, saying, “Peace be with you!”  (John 20:19).

Now He could give them, and us, a new understanding of resting in what He has done for us. As we do, we can find the awareness of a confidence far deeper than our ever-changing feelings.


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