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Nigeria News: Why Do the Wicked Prosper?

Nigeria News: Why Do the Wicked Prosper?

Nigeria News :why do the wicked prosper

Injustice makes us angry. Why do some wicked people grow and prosper wealthy by cheating others, while others work hard every day just to get by? How can an evil man be healed of a disease, while a godly one withers away to death? It is easy to be angry when it seems that life is not fair. – Nigeria News

David reminds us in Psalm 37 that anger and jealousy over injustice only lead us into sin. Instead he encourages us to trust God, commit your way to Him, walk daily with Him, and you will receive His blessing.

Nigeria News which you act on this

  • Someone you know is struggling with an overwhelming situation. Maybe they are depressed, or having health problems, or struggling with a marital situation. They likely feel angry, upset and helpless. Share Psalm 37 as you pray with them.
  • Let go. Worry, anger, frustration eat away at our spirit. God desires that you have a bountiful life, trusting in His Word, His way. Surrender to Him, and allow Him to work in your hear
  • In Romans 12:17-21, Paul exhorts us to “overcome evil with good.” Let your life be a reflection of Christ’s love and sacrifice, remembering that God will be the victor.


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