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Nigeria News – The Heat is Still Real

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When the rain came pouring, we actually thought we had escaped the heat but it’s still as hot as ever! This is why we have put together even better deals on ACs, fans and all things in-between to help you cool off the heat – Nigeria News.

Konga has a wide range of air coolers and with great deals on them to help you make it through this heat. Whether it’s rechargeable fans, regular fans, ceiling fans, rechargeable light fans, window ACs, split units, standing AC or whatever it is you need to chill your space, look no further, Nigeria News wants you to try Konga.com

Even more, when you buy from Konga, you’ll get 5% of your total charge if you check out with KongaPay. Nationwide delivery, doorstep delivery, after sales support, these are some of the great benefits that come with shopping on Konga.com.

Don’t let the heat drench you, click here to get cool deals on ACs and fans today!


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