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Nigeria Constitution Has No Time Limit For President Buhari! – Femi Falana

Nigeria Constitution

Femi Falana, an Activist and Human right lawyer, has revealed that the Nigeria constitution has no time limit for when President Buhari is expected to return and resume his duties.

The Activist and Human right lawyer made this revelation while reacting to protest by some cross section of Nigerians in Abuja, who were demanding the immediate return or resignation of President Buhari.

Recall that, after initially spending over 50 days on medical vacation in London, President Buhari had in May returned to London for a follow-up medical check-up and is yet to return.

Against this backdrop, some youths led by ace musician, Charlyboy asked the President to return and resume his duty or resign.

Speaking yesterday, the constitutional lawyer maintained that the Nigeria constitution is silent on how long the president can be away on medical vacation.

He said, “As at the time the constitution was amended in 2010 it took cognizance of the president leaving the country without handing over hence the constitution was amended compelling the president to transmit a letter to the National Assembly. And once he does that, the Vice President shall automatically become the Acting President.

“If he does not transmit a letter after 21 days, the vice president shall automatically become the president, ditto for the states. But as to the duration the president can be absent, the Nigeria constitution is silent.

“So it is therefore hoped that the ongoing review of the constitution will address that because you may have a situation where an elected president will be away for three and half years out of his four years tenure or even the entire four years tenure. It is a possibility.”


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