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N-Power Shortlisted My Name, What Next?


For those of you that have seen their name as shortlisted by N-Power recruitment portal and you are asking “So what next?” Here’s a guiding step as share by N-Power.  What are the next steps?

The Federal government is partnering with all the States of the Federation and the Federal Capital Territory through their Governors and relevant Focal Persons for the National Social Investments Programme.

As such, the respective list of successful applicants has been shared with the states who are now responsible for the deployment of successful volunteers to their primary places of assignment from Monday, 21st November 2016.

The primary places of assignment will be primary schools, primary health care centres and State Agriculture Development Project (ADPs) within the Local Government Centres. States are at liberty to publicise the list of successful applicants within their jurisdiction and respective Local Government Councils.

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The engagement date for all successful Volunteer Corps members will be December 1st 2016. Successful applicants will be notified by SMS and Email from Saturday, November 19th 2016. From Monday, November 21st 2016, all successful applicants are required to go to http://npvn.npower.gov.ng where they are expected to log in to their personal NPVC accounts and update their information as may be required.

This NPVC account will be the primary means of constant communication as well as learning management resource. Successful Volunteer Corps members must provide valid bank account information for the purpose of payment of monthly stipends.

Information regarding deployment will also be accessible on the N-Power web portal as soon as the States indicat the primary places of assignment of each successful NPVC member. To know the status of their applications, all applicants can check for their names on the N-Power website (www.npower.gov.ng), the N-Power Facebook page or if possible contact their respective State Focal Persons.

Training/Induction For those in Teach/Community, they are able to access relevant training material from the  Portal that will prepare them to undertake their assignments.

All successful NPVC members are able to gain access to content for learning employability skills such as critical thinking and communication. For Health, the National Primary Health Care

Development Agency will execute specific capacity building exercises withing the States, just as the Agriculture Extension Services Department in the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is responsible for N-Power Agro. Specific information regarding training and induction will be provided in the subsequent days. N-Power Knowledge and N-Power Build Information regarding selection of applicants into the N-Power Knowledge and N-Power Build programmes will be provided in the coming weeks.


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