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Measuring Up to God’s Expectation

Measuring Up to God’s Expectation

Measuring up to God’s expectation; a good builder uses a plumb line to be sure the walls he constructs are straight. If they are not, the entire building may be compromised, ending in disaster. This is also similar to our human condition!

When we are “out of kilter” it throws our entire life out of balance. It’s important to be certain that we live our lives in ways that we are measuring up to God’s expectation.

Half of the year is gone, for this past 6 months have you ever just thrown something together only to have it fall apart soon after?

Today’s builder most time uses a level instead of a plumb line – but the idea is the same: Is your life “on the level” – in line with God’s Word and commands?

Our Creator God measures everything precisely Genesis 6:13-16. How to ensure we are measuring up to God’s expectation, is by following example, Is there someone you admire, whom you believe always sets a great example of faithful living?

Proverb 27:17 as iron sharpens iron so one person sharpens another. Is there someone you know who has allowed a wrong thinking to shift his/her focus away from measuring up to God’s expectation?

Pray that God will give you ears to hear and words to say to help that person stay in line with God’s will, remembering that even the messiness in their life is part of God’s creative design

Amos 7:1-7 show God’s mercy toward a rebellious people, say a prayer of thanksgiving for God’s forgiveness and faithfulness, even in the midst of our rebellion.


Rev Francis Waive

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