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Love and Kindness for Others

love and kindness

Love and Kindness: Did you spend time with God today? This scripture from Hebrews encourages us to draw near to God (Hebrews 10:22-25). In our busy lives, time with God becomes negotiable

“I’ll get back to God later. I have other stuff to do now.” Jesus gave up his very life to make us worthy to approach his Holy Father.

Our prayer time with God is precious. When we draw near to God, He empowers us to offer His love and kindness to others.

Can you draw near to God today, with a sincere heart and a clean conscience, and how can you spur another on toward love and good deeds?

Pray! Draw near to God. Use the ACTS acronym to direct your prayer:

A – Adoration (Praise God!)

C – Confession (Cleanse your heart)

T – Thanksgiving (Be thankful)

S – Supplication (lift up the needs/requests of yourself and others)

Serve! God calls us to serve others with love and kindness


Rev Francis Waive

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