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Led By The Holy Spirit of God

Holy Spirit

Often we make a plan and nothing seems to work out right. The Apostle Paul clearly experienced this during his mission to take the Word of God into the world and he was led by the Holy Spirit. Acts 16:6-11


He started out traveling to cities in Asia, where he thought his message would be well received. However, nothing seemed to be going right for him. When God through the power of the Holy Spirit presented Paul with a vision of a man in Macedonia calling out for help, Paul changed his plans and headed toward Europe, which would quickly become the center of Christianity.

Are you making plans now? Have you been praying about your plans? And are you open to changing them if the Holy Spirit redirects you?

Paul envisioned a man of Macedonia begging for his help. Are you open to listening to God’s guidance to reach out to those who need help?

Recall a time when you believed that you were doing exactly what you were called to do, yet doors kept being closed to you and your path was re-directed. How did that feel? Did everything work out?

Paul kept being redirected by the Holy Spirit, but was never discouraged, because he knew his calling. Pray for perseverance and the encouragement of the Holy Spirit, especially when it seems that your plans are not God’s plans.

Perhaps there is someone in your family or community who is calling out to God for help. Be alert to the Holy Spirit guiding you to help those in need.

Paul immediately changed his plans and was quick to obey the call to leave for Macedonia. Pray that God will help you obey His call, even when it seems contrary to your plans.


Rev Francis Waive

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