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Lai Mohammed Response on President Buhari “Now Working From Home”

Lai Mohammed

Lai Mohammed, the minister information has said that he “never said that President Buhari is to work from home henceforth”.

Nigeria News gathered in a statement issued in Abuja on Wednesday which states that Lai Mohammed said in a report; in a section of media of his post Federal Executive Council (FEC) briefing that President Buhari is to work from home henceforth is erroneous.

In the rebuttal by his Special Adviser, Mr. Segun Adeyemi, the minister said: “the President only decided to work from home today, not that he has decided to work from home henceforth”.

He said the headlines in a section of the media, ”Buhari to now work
from home – Lai Mohammed,” is a misrepresentation of his statement at the briefing.

Quoting verbatim the relevant section of his briefing, Alhaji Mohammed said:”he (the President) wanted to rest today.

“He asked the Vice President to preside over TODAY’S meeting.

“In addition, he also asked that all his files be taken home to him and he will be working from home today .” he said.


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