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Where is Your JOY, Your Place of ALLOWING?

Place of Allowing

Place of Allowing: Perhaps, for you it is looking into the eyes of your beautiful golden retriever as you caress her softly, fur-lined body; or re-watching some of the old movies you loved as a kid.

Tucked in your bed with a couple of snacks; or sitting by a window when it’s raining outside curled up with a cup of your favourite coffee and a great book; or sneaking out to an afternoon matinee and giggling in the back seat, in the dark with your best friend, and a tub of buttered popcorn.

Working in your garden and letting the sweet smell of the earth transport you; or when you are all alone, dancing “like there’s nobody watching” in front of your bedroom mirror, because nobody is.

Whatever it is your place of allowing … find it … seek it out if you have to.

Capture those feelings of aliveness and exhilaration and let them take you to that place of absolute … JOY.”


Rev Francis Waive

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