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Jonathan Ask To Come Back As President – Sokoto Res


After the presidential election, if someone had told former president, Goodluck Jonathan that at some point, some Nigerians especially Northerners would carry placards asking him to come back as president of this country, he would have called it an impossible occurrence.

But this is what happened when Jonathan went on a condolence visit to Sokoto state to condole with the Dasuki family on the loss of their patriarch, the late Sultan of Sokoto, Ibrahim Dasuki.

While there, some Sokoto state residents came out with placards with written texts asking former President Goodluck Jonathan to come back as Nigeria president. Although we all know this is quite impossible, Jonathan may have found it flattering.

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Just last year, more than half of the Nigeria’s population, including the North called for Jonathan exit as president so as to welcome the ‘change ambassador’, Muhammadu Buhari.

In fact, Buhari won Sokoto state against Jonathan in a wide margin. To be more exact, Buhari scored 671,926 votes against Jonathan’s 152,199 votes in sokoto state.

Today, after more than a year of change, many Nigerians are at their wit’s end as to how to judge the way the country is being run by Buhari and his merry band of ‘clueless cabinet members’.


Rev Francis Waive

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