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Inspirations! Feeling Insignificant?

Inspirations! Feeling Insignificant?

God's Care and Inspirations

The inspirations of we been among seven billion people who coexist on this planet that reside in a small section of a rather insignificant solar system.

Our earth, in reality, is just one miniscule blue dot among millions of celestial bodies that God created. The inspirations on the gigantic canvas that is our universe, our beautiful majestic Earth appears as a tiny speck of dust. That could make us feel extremely unimportant and inconsequential.

However, God’s word suggests that just the opposite is true. Our great God, who “measured the waters in the hollow of his hand” Isa. 40:12, has singled out each person on this planet as supremely important, for we are made in His image.

For instance, He has created everything for us to enjoy 1Tim. 6:17. Also, for those who have trusted Jesus as Savior, God has given purpose- Eph. 2:10. And then the inspirations here are: despite the vastness of the world, God cares specifically about each of us. Psalm 139 says he knows what we are going to say and what we are thinking. We can’t escape his presence, and he planned our earthly existence before we were born.

We don’t need to feel unimportant when the God of the universe is that interested in us!


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