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Inspirations And Today’s Insights …


Inspirations: Today is day 4 of November 2016. It would be the perfect time to decide what you would really like to do or experience in your life.

Take some time to think about that and make a list (short or long – it doesn’t matter), but make an inspirations list. This is not a To-Do list comprised of things that you should do, like clean out the garage, but a much deeper list of the things your heart and soul would like to do or experience.

Below are a few things I have put on my list which may help to give you some ideas. You can share your list here if you like.

Good luck with it and may November 2016 be the very best month of your life so far.

This month, November 2016…

I want to be happy for no reason this month except that I am here and alive and I claim this moment as my own. It’s mine! It’s got my name on it!

This month, I want to say no, more often, and not feel guilty, and say yes, more often, and not feel embarrassed. I want to talk less and say more, taste more and eat less, appreciate more and complain less, forgive more and blame less. I want ultimately to do nothing and allow everything.

I want to see the world with new eyes this month, as if I have never seen it before, like an alien on an unfamiliar planet, and not take anything for granted.

This month, I want to write more about those things that really matter to me, with passion, the things that I know in my gut, and the things that stir up my soul.

I want to take the child in me out to play this month. I want to be much more silly and care a lot less about what people think of me. I have forgotten just how much fun being silly can be.

This November, I want to laugh, harder than I have ever laughed before. And cry less for all of the pain and suffering that I think I can’t fix, because I know that I can. Every time that I make the choice to be free, there is less suffering in the world, not a world with less pain, but less pain in the world.

This month, I want to make friends with those parts of me that I am afraid of and attempt to do those things that still scare me to death. (Well, at least some of them.)

How about YOU?

What is your heart and soul calling you to do this month?

Love and blessings,

May there be a MIRACLE in your life today…

And may you have the EYES to see it…


Rev Francis Waive

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