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How Much Sleep Do You Need a Day?

How Much Sleep Do You Need a Day

Many of us suffer from a chronic lack of sleep – 35% of the population state that they get less than the recommended minimum of 7 hours of sleep per night.

Without a doubt, getting enough sleep to function is one of the most important aspects of health for humans. Consequently, we now have a sleep epidemic on our hands. The Center for Disease Control actually called our lack of sleep a public health epidemic, and for good reason.

About 40 percent of adults suffer from insomnia, according to the National Sleep Foundation. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, however, when you think about how many people in the world have stress on their minds and hearts almost constantly. When night falls, getting to sleep and allowing the mind to relax comes as quite a challenge for many people out there.

However, despite our increasingly fast-paced society and more demands being put on us than ever before, we can still adopt better sleeping habits and learn to reprogram our minds for sleep. Think about it – as a child, you probably got to sleep without even thinking twice about it; however, as an adult, we have so much going on that we often don’t prioritize sleep like we should. With that being said, adults need a different amount of sleep than children, but just how much should we be getting per night?

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