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Google Brand Safety Loss is a Win for News Media Looking to Strike Direct Deals


Google is looking at losses worth $750 million (and climbing) ever since 250 brand-advertisers pulled their ad spend following a Times Inc. report, which revealed Google seemingly uncaring stance on brand safety.

The dust is only now beginning to settle (after Google vehement promises of tougher policies, third party measurement, and a string of DFP updates). Not much has changed for publishers, and despite recent show of fair-play, advertisers’ trust in GDN’s ability to provide safe content to advertise against might be a little harder to gain back.

Programmatic Fails to Ensure Brand Safety

The YouTube exodus itself could be real or just a show of concern; advertisers shouldn’t be crying foul after rooting for cheap inventory at scale (as programmatic promised) for years.

It comes with a cost, and all the direct-response advertisers knew that going in. The possibility that their ads would end up against extremist content was part of the bargain.


Rev Francis Waive

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