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Good Soil Allows God’s Word to Take Root

Good Soil

If you have ever grown anything, you know that good soil is essential to a good harvest. You can have the best seeds, terrific weather, great intentions – but if you don’t have good soil, your crop won’t survive.

Jesus speaks to us in this parable, and reminds us to listen and be receptive to His Word. When He plants the seed of His Word in our hearts, we are to be “good soil” – a place where love grows and produces fruit for the kingdom.

The soil upon which the seed is sown is the heart of the hearers and Christ says two significant things about the soil:

There are different ways for the soil to hear and receive the Word (seed).

The fate of the Word, how well it grows, depends upon the soil, that is, the hearer. (Mk.4:1-20)

Each hearer is personally responsible for how he receives the Word of God meaning the individual is held accountable for the kind of heart he has: hard, emotional, superficial, thorny, or soft and tender.

Are you listening? Do you have ears to hear? Sometimes our words are sown and take root. Do your words sow dissension, anger, jealousy? Or love, forgiveness, mercy and grace?

Do you have “weeds” in your life? Are they choking out your growth as a child of God? Are you producing fruit for the kingdom?

Jesus reminds us in His word “He who has ears, let him hear.” Pray and Study your Bible. Listen and ask God to reveal what He wants you to hear.

As you share the gospel message with others, know that some will not hear, some will listen, then be swayed by other things, and some will be “good soil.” Do not be discouraged. Keep sowing seeds of faith.

As you allow God’s Word to take root and bear fruit in your life, remember to stay close to  Jesus, so that you might produce good fruit: “I am the vine; He said, you are the branches. If any man remains in me and I in him, he will bear good fruit; apart from me you can do nothing.” John 15:5


Rev Francis Waive

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