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Good News. . . Bad News

Good News

Do you want the good news first, or the bad news? Have you heard that one before?

God spoke to Mary many times, through angelic visitation, through her cousin Elizabeth, through the shepherds, and now, as the baby is presented to God in the Temple, through the prophet Simeon.

Simeon, a man who walked with God, had the assurance from God that he would not die before seeing the Savior. Prompted by the Holy Spirit, he approached the young couple in the temple and shared with Mary and Joseph their child’s amazing destiny – to be the light of the world. Good News!

But there was bad news too: the child would cause division, be opposed, and would eventually die – a sacrifice of love.

Yet through his sacrificial love, his death on the cross, and his glorious resurrection, the final word is Good News – salvation and redemption through our savior, Jesus.

  • It was said of Simeon that “the Holy Spirit was upon him.” Are you open to the Holy Spirit’s presence in your life every day?
  • Is there someone you know who is struggling with bad news? Grief? Illness? Sorrow? Can you find a way to comfort him/her?
  • How do you share bad news? Good news?

Simeon’s words offered confirmation and encouragement to the young couple embarking on an amazing journey.  Today, offer encouraging words to a young person who is struggling with a difficult situation.

Simeon warned Mary that there would be grief and pain ahead. But he also gave hope for a glorious future. Remember – God never promises a life without pain. He walks with us through sorrow, promising a glorious future.

Share the Good News of Jesus Christ with someone today!


Rev Francis Waive

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