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God Knows My Heart – Edafe Hitler

God Knows My Heart – Edafe Hitler

In our society today, so much emphasis has been put on the outward appearance with little or no regard for the heart of man (inward).

The media keeps “the beautiful people” – celebrities and athletes with outstanding looks and physical attributes (model) – constantly vying for our attention. While young men and women focus on having slender, fit bodies, beautiful hairdos and stylish clothing, often neglecting to feed and nurture their spirit in the process.

Serving God requires a heart devoted to Him alone. The outward appearances do not matter to God: He is only concerned about the condition of our inward.

Picture a king sitting upon his throne, ruling over a nation and people he had governed for years. But unknown to him, some distance away, a young boy is about to be secretly anointed to replace him, a young boy who was to become the future king of the nation. And not only is a secret anointing taking place, but this young boy would soon be serving in the royal palace at the very feet of the king he would someday replace. And the king would be totally unaware that the young boy was the future anointed king.

What a picture of high a drama! A suspenseful picture of a shift of power, this is the highest power of a nation being secretly transferred from a ruling king over to a young boy who was destined to become the next king. Because of disobedience, King Saul was destined to be removed as king of Israel by the hand of God’s judgment. But the work of God among the Israelites and upon this earth was to go on. And to carry on the work of God, God had chosen a young boy who’s inward “after His own heart” 1Samuel 13:14.

Not the physical appearance, the basic qualification for service that the LORD looks for. Man usually looks at the outward things, but the LORD looks at the person in ward. The LORD Judges a person by his heart alone.

When David arrived, note the favorable impression he made upon Samuel, and keep in mind that he was just a young boy. He was “ruddy” which means that he had a healthy bronze complexion. And he was good looking with piercing, bright eyes. As soon as young David walked into Samuel’s presence, the LORD immediately identified David as His choice to be king. But keep in mind why he was God’s choice: not because of his striking physical features, but because of his inward appearance and personality.

He was a young boy with an in ward appearance after God’s own heart (13:14), and his plan was to make him a better man than Saul (15:28).

On his arrival, one of Saul’s attendants immediately spoke up, sharing that he knew about a young boy who had the needed qualifications and abilities to serve in the palace of the king.

He was a son of Jesse from Bethlehem, a young boy who was brave, courageous, and a potential warrior. The young man also had good judgment and was a fine looking young boy. And even more significant, the LORD was with him. Hearing this, Saul was very impressed and sent for David to be brought to him.

God places His own Spirit in us, in the very core of our being. We become indwelt by God’s Spirit. It is God’s Spirit who convicts and saves and gives us assurance of salvation. He guides, teaches, protects, and provides the necessities of life for us, meeting all our needs.

What more could a person ask? It is the Spirit of God who empowers us to conquer all the trials and temptations of life, who enables us to live a victorious and triumphant life day by day.

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