forex economic calendar

However, with the forex economic calendar, everything is automatically updated during live announcements once the event data is released to provide you with vital information that could impact upon your trading.

The easy usability of the calendar one can choose any day within the forex economic calendar and you will see a breakdown of all the scheduled economic events due to take place that day. Click on an individual event to be presented with further information and links to more in-depth data about it. This information will help you make an informed trading decision. The time left until each upcoming event is shown, as well as a tick demonstrating whether it has already taken place. The expected volatility of each event is presented on a scale of three, low to high, along with the actual, consensus and previous percentages.

The Real-time Forex Economic Calendar only provides general information and it is not meant to be a trading guide which may also be subjected to change without any previous notice.

Definitions Forex Volatility Percentile – The higher the number, the more likely we are to see strong movements in price. This number tells us where current implied volatility levels stand in relation to the past 90 days of trading. We have found that implied volatilities tend to remain very high or very low for extended periods of time. As such, it is helpful to know where the current implied volatility level stands in relation to its medium-term range. Forex Trend – This indicator measures trend intensity by telling us where price stands in relation to its 90 trading-day range. A very low number tells us that price is currently at or near 90-day lows, while a higher number tells us that we are near the highs. A value at or near 50 percent tells us that we are at the middle of the currency pair’s 90-day range. Range High – 90-day closing high. Range Low – 90-day closing low. Last – Current market price. Forex Bias – Based on the above criteria, we assign the more likely profitable strategy for any given currency pair. A highly volatile currency pair (Volatility Percentile very high) suggests that we should look to use Breakout strategies. More moderate volatility levels and strong Trend values make Momentum trades more attractive, while the lowest Vol Percentile and Trend indicator figures make Range Trading the more attractive strategy.