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Fighting Corruption or Jonathan Is Not Development

Jonathan and Eedris

Eadris however mentioned that he admires the zeal of the current administration which is to curb corruption. He then advised that the president should try to develop the country because fighting corruption is not development.

In his words; “Jonathan was the most abused president in the world yet it didn’t stop him from being himself, he still went about doing good. People didn’t see the good he did because of the propaganda of Boko Haram.

For me, he is my hero. I have no regret about that album in his honour, I will always appreciate Jonathan.

As for the current president, I admire his zeal to curb corruption, which is what my music is all about. But then again, he should try and develop this country. Fighting corruption is not development. The youth are crying; he should create employment. I am not his fan yet. I need to see a new Nigeria and I have not seen it yet.”


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