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Donald Trump Hints at Hillary Clinton Assassination For SECOND Time

Donald Trump

Donald Trump Republican candidate for US President has come under fire for appearing to reference the assassination of Hillary Clinton for a SECOND time.

Speaking at a campaign rally on Friday, billionaire Trump told supporters that his Democratic rival should have her bodyguards disarmed and then mused: “Let’s see what happens to her.”

He told the room how Clinton wanted to “destroy the second amendment” – referring to the right to own guns.

Donald Trump said: “I think that her bodyguards should drop all weapons. They should disarm. I think they should disarm immediately, what do you think, yes?

“Take their guns away, she doesn’t want guns. Take them, let’s see what happens to her. Take their guns away, okay. It will be very dangerous.”

The Republican presidential nominee was speaking at a rally in Miami, where he contrasted his supporters, who he said back police and want crime reduced, to Clinton, who he derided as someone who “lives behind walls and raises money from hedge funds.”

Both candidates have been protected by the Secret Service for months, but Trump’s latest take on Clinton’s security detail brought swift denunciations, particularly from Clinton allies.

“Tonight, Donald Trump once again alluded to violence against Hillary Clinton,” said Elizabeth Shappell, spokeswoman for Correct The Record, a pro-Clinton media watchdog group.

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