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Delta State 2019: Urhobo Nation Must Know Thyself

Delta State 2019

The Delta State 2019   general   elections   are boiling hotter and hotter everyday   like a drum of palm oil on fire in a traditional oil mill.

However,   the 2019 general elections are just around the comer by political calculations and it is not too far again.

Underground   consultative visits to different “political god-fathers” are gradually taking former   shape across the Urhobo nation in particular and Delta state in general.

If political scientists and social analysts may  agree with this observation that politics in Delta state is quite  different  from the rest state of the  country and the Urhobo nation  as the heart  of the state,  always  bear  the  broth  at the end of the day. #delta-state-2019

This has  contributed    to  the  hike  in  crime and also  given  them  the conviction   to swim  in so many devilish  acts.

The above scenario is the glaring picture   of the kind of politics that is being   played   by most Urhobo politicians since the birth of this democratic dispensation   in 1999 in Nigeria.

Our politicians are just like the caterpillar or worm that would always eat its own self it is very sympathetic indeed!

Most importantly, the bane of writing this is to focus intently on the political arena or play field of Urhobo politicians come Delta State 2019.


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