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Continuing to Grow in Faith

Faith in God

We go to school to learn to read, write, add and subtract. Even as we move into old age, learning is still taking place.

Our faith journey requires that we continue to learn so that we will grow and mature. How? Through faithful study of the Bible, through prayer, and by walking with God daily. Paul encourages his young disciple Timothy to be a life long learner in order to be fully equipped for God’s service.

  • Do you have a young friend in the faith who needs an opportunity for growth and encouragement? Invite him/her into a Bible study with you.
  • Are you spending time daily in the Word?
  • Are you bringing up your children to know scripture from infancy? (2 Tim 3:15) Can you help them continue to study it as they grow and mature?
  • Do you have questions about what the Bible says on a subject? Use a concordance or study guide and pray over the scriptures, asking God to open His Word to your understanding.
  •  “Continue in what you have learned. . . “ Don’t stop learning from God’s Word. Be faithful to make scripture study a life-long habit.
  •  Join or start an in-depth Bible study. Share ideas and thoughts, encouraging one another in the faith.
  •  All scripture is “God-breathed” for man. As we study God’s Word, it becomes alive and active in our daily life. (2 Thessalonians 2:13). Stay grounded in scripture so that your actions reflect God’s grace.
  •  Scripture study equips you for every good work. (Vs. 17). What good work does God have for you today? Pray for God’s direction


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