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Buhari May Negotiate With Boko Haram

Nigeria President Buhari

Nigeria News gathered that Buhari on news Media that the Federal Government has said that it is open to negotiations with the Boko Haram militants in the country in order to find a lasting solution to the security crisis, if the group is willing.

This was gathered in the interview with Adesina who said that Buhari is not ruling out negotiations with the sect if it would put to an end the activities of the group, stating that the insurgents had attacked so many villages and killing of so many people.

“If the Boko Haram groups are willing, why not? You know attempts have been made for negotiations in the past and they didn’t work. Every reasonable person would want to see the end to this insurgency. So if they are willing, why not? You can’t rule that out.”

“These were very vicious attacks. People were killed in scores and it’s so sad,” he said.

The President Buhari had during his inauguration speech said he had launched a strategy to deal with the Boko Haram group by relocating the military headquarters to Maiduguri, Borno State of Nigeria.

When asked if this would work, Adesina replied:

“This is going to work. There are machineries being put in place. It’s going to work. The recent killings by the sect were meant to break our resolve, to weaken it, but that will stop. It remains a priority to him (Buhari) to deal with the group.

“You will notice that his first two weeks of administration were dedicated to tackling the insurgency. He visited Chad and Niger Republics and the following week, the Presidents of those countries also visited him in Abuja Nigeria.

“The President of Benin Republic and the Defence Minister of Cameroon visited him; machinery is being put in place and once we’re through, we will see the end of the group. The target time for the deployment of the multinational force is July ending; that is in a couple of weeks.”


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