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Buhari Cannot Marginalize Ndigbo

News on Buhari and PDP Def.

A group of Igbo Leaders of thought called on Ndigbo to remain calm in the face of provocation in a statement tag, “A million Buhari cannot marginalize Ndigbo”, and as such there was no need to continued with cry of marginalization in the face of the lopsided appointments.

The Deputy Secretary of ILT, Elliot Uko, in a statement, said Ndigbo “must not whine or cry in the face of all these”.

Elliot said he had been mandated “to get in touch with Igbo groups at home and abroad and plead with them to keep quite as silence is obviously the best answer to this quite deliberate provocation”.

“Accordingly, Igbo Leaders of Thought, Ohanaeze, World Igbo Congress, Aka Ikenga and all Igbo Groups at home and in the diaspora have all been informed to keep quiet. We must not satisfy them by crying. They are probably mocking us while eating ‘gworo’ and playing poker. Please tell all to keep quiet for now. Though we understand some people have already reacted, let us stop at that.

“We know that there are a million and one Ndigbo who are anxious to advertise and exhibit their penmanship over the slightest irritation that is seemingly against Igbo interest. We plead that this is the most inappropriate response to the present situation in the country.

“It can only serve as further self humiliation to the joy of those who think they have an edge over us. PLEASE BE SILENT, FOR ONCE. There is something called dignifying silence even in the face of obvious provocation”.

He emphasized: “PLEASE DO NOT REACT. IT IS EXACTLY WHAT YOU ARE EXPECTED TO DO. DO NOT CRY ‘MARGINALIZATION’. A million Buhari cannot marginalize Ndigbo. Please plead with other Igbo groups to keep quiet.”


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