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Beautiful Season – Beautiful People John 4:31-42

Beautiful Apple

Fall beautiful apple trees laden with fruit, pumpkins on doorsteps, forests decked out in full color as the leaves change. It’s harvest time.

When he talks about the harvest, he envisions the people of this world who are ready right now to be reconciled to God through Jesus. Can we focus on the Lord of the harvest and prepare ourselves to be His witness to the world?

Often our eyes are on the beautiful things of this world, but Jesus is always focused on people.

Jesus tells us that the fields are ripe for the harvest is ready. Open your eyes! Is there someone near to you who is just waiting to hear about Jesus? Pray that God will help you to see as He sees.

Are you looking at the beautiful things of this world? Or the people?

Jesus said in verse 34 that his food is to do God’s will. When you are doing God’s will, is your spirit fed? Are you spiritually satisfied?

We are confronted daily with the overwhelming strife and need in this world. People are hungry for the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Share God’s love with someone today.

We don’t always see the beautiful fruit of our labors. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. As Christ-followers, we are in the seed-planting business. If we can plant a seed of faith in a friend or family member, someone else might water that seed, and another may see it come to fruition. God will give it the growth.  (1 Cor. 3:6-8)

Look around at the beautiful and wonderful people that God places in your path. Give the people you see today an affirming word, encouraging them in their daily life.


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