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AdSense Plugin By Google is Shut Down For WordPress

AdSense Plugin

AdSense plugin (aka Google Publisher Plugin) for WordPress is being closed for good. Current and new users of the Google AdSense plugin are forced to find another solution soon.

Since March 2017 it is already impossible for new users to connect the plugin with Google AdSense. When you want to get started with Google on a new site, you will take a look at other plugin already.

Even existing users need to prepare for changes and find another plugin for AdSense within the next few weeks.

Google removes the AdSense plugin in three phases:

Since the beginning of March, the plugin can still be installed on new sites, but no longer connect to your AdSense account. New users already have to look out for another plugin.

The second phase will start in April 2017. Current users will no longer be able to manipulate their ads and ad settings through the plugin. Existing ad units will still work and get paid, but you can’t even change their position.

With May 3rd 2017, support for the AdSense plugin will completely shut down by Google. The ads set up through the plugin might no longer work.

Webmasters who are using the official Google Publishers plugin by Google should not hesitate to look out for an alternative AdSense plugin. You have more or less two choices.

Google suggests using two of their in-house solutions to integrate ads. Page-Level Ads with layers and vignette ads .


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